Social Media

The way I wanted this post to be received by my followers is that I have a fun life that includes going out with friends. I did so by posting a picture of an event that took place at a bar, which can be seen in the background. I want people to see only the exciting aspects of my life and not the entirety of it. I made a few assumptions about what the viewer has already known. In the caption I said “#dynamicduo”, assuming they were aware I was at a function with the theme of dynamic duo, which was why we were dressed up. I also assumed they knew what we were dressed up as, which in this case were “lax bros” which knowing the theme would explain the idea of the costume. The reason behind the costume was because I played lacrosse in highschool, so we decided to incorporate it into the theme, which I assumed my viewers were aware of and would be able to understand the caption. I have never posted pictures from lacrosse in highschool, so it is unlikely all of my followers were aware I played and why we chose our outfits. I realized a lot of intentional thinking goes into social media posts, even though most of it is subconscious. Small details such as a caption or pose we choose to add into posts serves a purpose into the way we want people to perceive us. I wanted my post to convey that I am a fun bubbly person, and I wanted to highlight my social life in order to do so. I was able to showcase this by the caption, the event, and the pose I chose to publish.