10 Tips For Freshman Year

10 tips for incoming freshmen:

  1. Go to as many welcome week events as you can! It is a great way to meet new people and get to know the campus
  2. Join some clubs! It’s great to meet people with similar interests and you can spend time doing something that interests you
  3. Set room guidelines with your roommate early! It can feel awkward to bring up rules for the room, but you two need to talk about your shared area so you two do not end up getting mad at eachother later on in the year.
  4. Utilize on campus resources! If you are ever struggling or feel lost, there is an amazing (free) counselling center on campus that is easy to make appointments for. Whether it is dealing with school stress or trouble adjusting to college, they can help you through anything.
  5. Get to know your academic advisor! It is required to meet with your advisor to register for classes, but you can schedule a meeting with them at any time if you need help- it is their job!
  6. Go to class!!! It’s easy to just skip class and stay in your dorm but many teachers use attendance as a grade, and you will just make you behind in class
  7. If you need help with anything- talk to your professor! Don’t be scared to go to your professor if you have a problem, they are typically very understanding and will help you, just email them or stop by office hours
  8. Always read the textbook! If the textbook isn’t necessary, the professor will tell you. Otherwise it is important to read the textbook because not everything that is on the test may be covered in class and many teachers have reading quizzes.
  9. Study as much as you can! If you have time in between classes, don’t sit around and do nothing. Utilize your free time to do work or study, so you can get a head start on future assignments and have free time later in the day.
  10. Go to ALL english 101 conferences! Even though you are only required to go to 2, it will definitely benefit your grade and only takes 10 minutes out of your day.