Literature review

Looking at the research on my ingroup felt weird because it was something I had experience with personally and then seeing it in such an analytical light was a new perspective to notice. I became aware of the subconscious reasonings and effects of veganism that I had not realized before. It definitely opened my eyes up to the subconscious aspects of my diet. By researching on my own I realized how similar I am to the research found and how much I related to the information I was presented.  Reading it from an objective standpoint was easier to understand because I was in the in group. I was able to understand the deeper mindset of veganism as a whole, since I could relate. The research made more sense to me because I had similar experiences as those who were interviewed. It was difficult to maintain objectivity in my literature review because it was something so personal to me but I could not bring my own personal opinion into the paper, I had to maintain a neutral researcher standpoint, even though I wanted to add my own experience into it. By telling my own story, I can benefit the research by contributing to the data in the research. Based on my own experience, and how it matches up with certain theories on veganism, I can either help to prove the theory, or disprove it.